Clinical Rotations

The clinical rotations add real world experience to the didactic lessons to solidify your understanding of the content.

Apheresis Collections

Blood product collections and therapeutic procedures performed with apheresis technology.

Blood Product Distribution

Movement of blood products throughout the distribution system.


Use of coagulation testing to diagnose patient conditions as well as determine the optimal blood product for transfusion.

Component Manufacturing

Production of blood products, component modification, product QC, and product testing methodologies.

Donor Collection

Donor eligibility, collection, and adverse reactions.

Donor Testing

Required tests and methodologies for ensuring blood is safe to transfuse.


Testing and use HLA data in transfusion medicine and transplantation.

Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells (HPCs)

Donation, processing, storage, and use of HPCs.

Intraoperative Salvage

Techniques and procedures for blood salvage during surgery.


Duties and strategies for supervision of employees in the laboratory.

Medical Director

Duties and functions of the Medical Director, and role in transfusion therapy decisions.

Mobile Collections

Collection of blood products outside of a blood center.

Molecular Testing

Isolation of DNA and use in transfusion medicine.

Product Quality Control (optional)

Testing and monitoring required for the production of blood products.

Quality Assurance

Functions of the Quality Assurance department and overview of the regulations surrounding blood banking.


Recruitment and retention of donors at the blood center.

Reference Laboratory

Advanced techniques in immunohematology.


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